Extra Scene-KittyMarie, J-Dub, and Film Brain
Here's another fic for my friend SillyKittyMarie. She was awesome enough to tell me about how the bloopers in Suburban Knights do have the filming of my most favorite scene ever from that movie and has made me want to see them so very, very badly!!!! Gah, I can't wait to see sweet Brad suffering so deliciously as he is tortured by Benzaie!!! Hahahahaha!!

So anyway, this fic is another kink one about KittyMarie getting into tickle tumbles/fights with J-Dub and Film Brain, although they tend to come off as one-sided, haha. Oh well, as long as the requester likes it I'm satisfied, so I hope you like this one, KittyMarie!

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Extra Scene-KittyMarie and J-Dub
Here is a tickling fic for my new friend, SillyKittyMarie! She showed me an amazingly awesome pic of Brad during that scene in Suburban Knights where Benzaie popped through his legs where he was holding his mouth to keep from laughing, and it was SO! FREAKING! GREAT! I just... gah, I can't stop looking at it! (Now I just have to hope there are blooper scenes on the DVD of the movie that also show when this was filmed, so I can hear Brad trying to control himself!) So anyway, I wrote this as a way to thank her!

It's a tickling tumble/fight between KittyMarie and JewWario. I hope you enjoy it, new friend of mine!

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Awesome Stuff
RyCol Hug
 First, I report on the most amazing news that I have heard in the past few years:

Drew Carey's Improv-a-Ganza will be bringing Greg Proops, Chip Esten, Brad Sherwood, Wayne Brady, Jeff Davis, Ryan Stiles, and Colin Mochrie improvising on the television together once again!!!!! Everyone who has ever like 'Whose Line' or improv needs to watch this show!!

This means 40 new episodes of improvisation from the cast of my favorite TV show of all time-40!!!! And if it becomes popular, more shows will be performed, taped, and aired as well!! This may well be the greatest concept to be conceived and I owe my gratitude to the Game Show Network for taking a chance on this, and to all the Whosers who have remained dedicated to the show and the performers all this time! We worked so hard, everyone, and let's keep supporting the best thing in the universe! 
Onto less exciting but still hilarious show thoughts:
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Flaky, HTF
 Ranting under cut.

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One Extra Note
Sword, Phelous, Kickassia
 I just posted on the Kink-meme. I can't believe I actually got the courage to do it, but I wanted some of the fic on there to be the kind I enjoy, which is usually hurt/comfort, fluff, kinks I like, or depressing stuff, like longing for someone you can't be with. I hope the person who requested the prompt I filled likes it. Or someone else enjoys it. I would like to know if my writing style is perceived as good, or if there are improvements pointed out to me. I sort of wish I could be a writer or an editor instead of what I'm studying to be now. I just don't know if I could make it in that field, or if I could even earn enough money to survive. Oh well, at least I can write for fun and enjoy it now.

Update: Wow, someone already commented! It wasn't even the original prompter but whoever it was liked my ficlet! I can't believe someone replied so soon and I am sooooo happy that at least one person enjoyed it! Maybe I'll fill in another prompt if I can find one that fits my criteria. For now, I'm just going to squee at being thanked so kindly!!!

And They're All Dead
Flaky, HTF

Another new fic!  I had this idea for a while and finally was able to write it.  It's in the same vein as "The Canadians are Coming" and once again involves Phelous meeting characters from another universe.  I don't know why this idea amuses me so much, but I'm going to continue thinking of other people I'd want to see meet him.  Anway, the title of course comes from WL and was a line used by Josie when she was supposed to be doing a Disney style.  It turned into a very dark Disney show, lol.


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Why, Japan? Why?

So, it had been a great day for me. I went to the mall and found the first season of 'Hetalia', which I marathoned after getting home, went out to dinner with my parents to one of the best pizzerias I've ever been to, and watched Phelous's new video on Anaconda 4.  Then I decided to ride my high by finishing my Professor Layton game.  I really wanted to find out what happened in the 'future' and who Celeste and Older Luke really were.

Then the game reached into my chest and crushed my heart into dust.

I will never understand the appeal of horribly tragic endings to many Japanese writers and creators.  Why is a story better because it doesn't end happily?  I hear the complaint that we westerners are brainwashed by perfectly packaged endings that could never happen in real life, but why is it so wrong to see a fantastic ending in an already fantastic story?  If the story involves building a completely to-scale model of London under the ground of the real London, giant death mechas meant to destroy the real London, and time travel actually working, why can't the ending be as ridiculous as the plot elements and be happy?  Why couldn't Celeste be the real sister of Claire and be around to fall for Layton as her sister did years ago?  Why couldn't the time travel work only for Claire and allow her to be with Layton even though he was now quite a bit older than before?  Why did I have to witness a good, pure guy like the professor have to mourn the love of his life again ten years later after being teased with the chance they could be together again?  I just don't understand.

So anyway, when Layton started crying I lost it for almost ten minutes and had to complete all the extra challenges with blurry vision and stinging eyes.  I felt so bad that I re-watched Phelous's hilarious video so that I could laugh again and improve my mood.  It worked, although writing about this now has started to make me feel bad again.  I think I'll go watch another Phelous vid and edit my newest fanfic, which is a continuation of the 'Scene' saga.


I'm back!
Annie, Jeff, Ninja
Well, it's been about 4 years since I last posted here.  I'm embarrasssed to re-read those old posts so I decided to delete most of them while saving those with comments from people.  From now on, I probably will only post to practice fanfic writing or to mention how much I love particular things at the moment.  So before I post my fic, I'll just say what things I enjoy at the moment.

I still love anime and manga.  I still love Whose Line, even though I haven't seen a live show since my last report four years ago (sigh).  My favorite comedy on TV right now is 'Community' but that may change if the show once again tries to force Jeff/Britta down our throats and completely ignores the chemistry and uniqueness of Jeff/Annie.  My favorite drama is 'Dexter', which is starting up again soon as well, and I'm really interested in seeing how the story will change now that Rita is gone.

My favorite website now is Thatguywiththeglasses.com and the affiliate sights of its reviewers.  I am not really a gamer so I don't watch most of the video-game related shows but I do watch a lot of the movie reviews, nostalgia reviews, and some of the anime reviews.  It is a very entertaining website for the most part and I enjoy a lot of the reviewers there, which is why I'll be posting some fanfics of them here.  The reviewers seem to enjoy the past fanfics they've found of themselves so I thought I might as well add my own contributions to the internet and see if one day they are enjoyed by someone. 

I may not post that often since I am still in school and trying to get my Masters this year, but hopefully after I do I can find a job and my schedule will grow more stable.

That's about it for now.  I will post my first fanfic attempt next.

This is the best discovery ever!


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I wonder if Mormons are involved.


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